Some advice on how to make the best of your study time.

Set study Goals

Rather than saying to yourself “I’ll study for four hours tomorrow”, instead say “I’ll study all the Asset standards tomorrow, and by the end of my study I’ll know by heart all the criteria, initial recognition, subsequent measurement and impairment treatments for each standard”.

Make a study schedule

At the beginning of each week, prepare a schedule of times when you plan to study. Set a clear goal for each study session.
Study little and often All research suggests that we study more effectively when we study say two hours a day rather than doing big sessions only at a weekend. Schedule regular short, goal focused study sessions.

Use materials that MAKE YOU THINK

As you know, professional exams will not ask you to repeat materials from the notes. You need to use study materials that get you thinking about the course materials in various contexts. Past exam questions are a great source of this kind of material.

Use a mix of approaches.

Everyone has a different learning style. Some people prefer reading notes, others prefer watching videos, others prefer doing questions, others prefer simply thinking about the materials. Make sure your study sessions contain a mix of these approaches

Find materials that keeps things simple

Whatever study materials you use – make sure they keep the topics simple. These exams test your knowledge of the simple, fundamental principles of the relevant topic.

Test yourself

You can’t know if you’re making progress if you don’t test yourself. It’s very easy to spend many hours studying, thinking that you are learning something. So, while studying, make little questions for yourself. Then try these questions later, maybe the following day. If the question still makes sense and you can provide a suitable answer, then you know your study has been effective.

Best of Luck !

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