ACCA P3 Business Analysis


This online course includes over 40 comprehensive video tutorials providing overviews of the key management theories and models that are necessary for success on this exam.



This online course contains all the materials required to allow students prepare for the ACCA P3 Business Analysis examinations.

On successful completion of this paper candidates should be able to:

  1. Assess the strategic position of an organisation
  2. Evaluate the strategic choices available to an organisation
  3. Discuss how an organisation might go about its strategic implementation
  4. Evaluate and redesign business processes and structures to implement and support the organisation’s strategy taking account of customer and other major stakeholder requirements
  5. Integrate appropriate information technology solutions to support the organisation’s strategy
  6. Advise on the principles of project management to enable the implementation of aspects of the organisation’s strategy with the twin objectives of managing risk and ensuring benefits realization
  7. Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s strategy and the financial consequences of implementing strategic decisions
  8. Assess the role of leadership and people management in formulating and implementing business strategy.


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