ACCA P2 Corporate Reporting


This online course includes over 80 comprehensive video tutorials providing overviews, examples and fully worked answers to relevant past exam questions for all the major IAS/IFRS standards on the course.



This online course contains all the materials required to allow students prepare for the ACCA P2 Corporate reporting examinations.

On successful completion of this paper candidates should be able to:

  1. Discuss the professional and ethical duties of the accountant
  2. Evaluate the financial reporting framework
  3. Advise on and report the financial performance of entities
  4. Prepare the financial statements of groups of entities in accordance with relevant accounting standards
  5. Explain reporting issues relating to specialized entities
  6. Discuss the implications of changes in accounting regulation on financial reporting
  7. Appraise the financial performance and position of entities
  8. Evaluate current developments


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