The ACCA professional papers (P1, P2, P3 etc….) need a very different exam approach than the fundamental (F series) papers.

The focus of the F papers is FUNDAMENTAL knowledge. Many students are excellent at absorbing this fundamental and regurgitating this knowledge in the F exams. Success in these exams encourages students to take the same approach for the P exams. However students cannot be successful if they apply this rote-learning technique to the P exams

P stands for PROFESSIONAL – meaning the examiner is testing your ability to provide advice, recommendations, analysis and evaluation.

All of this advice, analysis and evaluation must relate the specific exam scenario presented in the question…not to anything else. Students will score excellent marks when they are addressing the specific context of the scenario. Students will not score at all if they are only making vague general points about the topic, while not addressing the specific nuances of the scenario.

Students can improve their chances of success in the P papers by practicing past-exam standard questions. Then read the examiners reports on these questions and assess for yourself if you are making similar points and relating these points to the scenario in the question.

At the MicroLearning Institute, we provide comprehensive coverage of past exam answers to help students achieve success at ACCA P level exams.

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