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Microlearning is a way of designing and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. Research confirms that this form of learning makes it easy for students to remember what they have learned.

At the MicroLearning Institute, our researched showed that online systems which use microlearning techniques improve learning transfer to Accounting students.

This research informed our design of The MicroLearning Institute site. All learning materials on this site are designed using micro-learning principles.

Our Team

Our Tutors

Tutors at The MicroLearning Institute have many years’ experience designing, developing and delivering training courses for professional accounting students.

All of our tutors have previously worked for major international Accounting tuition colleges such as BPP and First Intuition. All of our tutors have had numerous students achieve top three placings both nationally and globally in ACCA and CIMA final exams. These tutors now wish to bring the highly targeted learning materials, which they have developed over many years, to a global audience of accounting students via www.microlearninginstitute.com . “We have structured these materials into exam focused courses that explain all the key concepts needed for exam success. The materials provide a logical step-by-step approach to each concept and present fully worked solutions to relevant past exam standard questions”.


As part of a recent M.A. in eLearning Design and Development, Mick researched the effectiveness of learning transfer from microlearning systems to Accounting students. This results showed that microlearning techniques greatly enhance learning for Accounting studnets. “I searched for a solution that used microlearning techniques for accountants but couldn’t find anything on the market. This was the inspiration behind the development of www.microlearninginstitute.com. “It is very exciting for me to see students from so many countries using our micro-content and giving us such positive feedback”. “If you are like many of our students, then you will love the range of our materials, with exam standard questions on all the key topics.. Finally you will feel that the focus on fully-worked solutions to past exam standard question practice is the best thing about our site”.


With a B.Sc in Economics and a Masters in Financial Analysis and a passion for web design, Valentin has the ideal background to support the development of the www.microlearninginstitute.com web platform.

“I always wanted to combine my passion for web design with my background in Finance. “My aim is to create a multi-platform site that can be trusted by the global Accounting community.”

Thanks to Valentin’s design, students can now access a video lecture series of our best exam preparation materials. These video lectures can be viewed anywhere, anytime on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


With a keen eye for detail, Sladja has been instrumental in preparing the content for presentation. “I did not like the hand-written presentations available on other accounting tuition sites. Students find these presentations difficult to read. So I developed clear, well-tabulated presentations plus printable versions of each question and slide deck. This will allow the student to work offline if they prefer”.

Sladja’s expertise in eBook publication is critical to the development of our range of eBooks. These eBooks, contain highlight focused notes that support our eCourses.


Learning by Design - The theory

Students today want strong evidence that training courses are improving their individual performance. This is particularly true for Accounting students, who are typically busy professionals with little time to invest in ineffective training courses.

Also, today we are seeing strong growth in the availability of mobile devices. These mobile devices support access to web based learning content for learners.

With this increase in the need for more effective training courses, coupled with the increased use of web technologies and availability of web based learning content, it is surprising that little research has addressed the issue of what factors lead to the most effective learning transfer from these web-based learning systems.

As part of a recent M.A., I completed some research into what factors lead to the most effective learning transfer from web-based learning systems. My research focused on analyzing learning transfer to students from micro-learning systems.

Micro learning describes “learning in small steps”. It is made possible with the aid of short, well designed learning activities. Web based systems that provide these short, well designed learning activities are referred to as micro-learning systems.

My research focused on whether micro-learning systems were effective for Accounting learners.

The results of this research showed a strong positive correlation between learning transfer, as assessed by the learners, and:

  1. Micro-Learning system design
  2. Access and availability of the micro-learning system

The results of this research has informed the development of The Micro Learning Institute, which provides structured, micro-content to help Accounting students achieve success in their professional exams.

The training course content is designed in logical, structured steps that build logically on the learners prior knowledge.

This training course content, focused on the Financial Reporting exam needs of CIMA, ACCA and CPA students, can be easily accessed, 24/7, via phone, tablet and PC.

The site tagline “learning by design” emphasises the site’s core philosophy that students will find it easier to learn from our materials because our materials are well designed and integrated into a coherent training programme.

Feedback from students shows strong evidence that using our well-designed micro-content has been a significant factor in their exam success.

So…what is MicroLearning?

It’s been almost a year since we introduced the MicroLearning concept for Accounting students. And in that time the most frequently asked question we have faced from students prior to them using the site is “What is Microlearning?”

I guess it is very understandable that students would ask this question. There are so many online study options for students preparing for exams, all promising amazing results, best tutors and top quality materials; it is inevitable that students tread cautiously before selecting the microlearning approach.

So…”What is Microlearning”? Well, there are lots of definitions out there. However the majority of microlearning exponents agree that microlearning content is:

  • Short
  • Targeted and
  • Multi-platform

By short, most experts suggest that microlearning content should be no more than 5 minutes in duration, and must be video based. These video can be watched “on the go” and are designed to deliver an excellent learning experience. We aim to keep our accounting videos below five minutes in most cases. However, obviously if we are working through a complete solution to a 50 mark question, this will take more time!

Focused means that each video focuses on one topic or learning outcome. Each of our accounting videos demonstrate a separate aspect of each accounting standard. For example our IAS 37 videos separately address each aspect of accounting for provisions such as onerous contacts, a provision for a single event, multiple events and a restructuring provision. Students can study each topic separately before attempting our past exam examples.

Multi-platform availability is the final characteristic of microlearning content. Students today may wish to access microlearning content on their phone, PC or on their tablet while at work, in a taxi or in bed ! Our platform is designed to provide excellent access across all these platforms so students can avail of a short, focused learning experience whenever and wherever they wish.

So…Why MicroLearning?

So why has the concept of microlearning suddenly become the “next big thing” in online training?

To answer this, let’s look at some facts around how people interact with online content. There is a lot to be learned from how people behave when digesting this content.

For example, on an average day, of the top ten most popular YouTube videos, the average video length was 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Also, the majority of YouTube users view less than 40 minutes of content per mobile session.

Research shows that, for a 4-5 minute video, fewer than 60% of viewers will view to the end, compared with 75% of viewers for a 1-2 minute video. Similarly, the most popular blog content takes no more than seven minutes to read.

Reflecting this trend, Many MOOCs (Massive open Online Course) are broken down content into short segments less than 10 minutes in length, with each segment focusing on one concept or skill.

Microlearning is a reaction to this modern phenomenon. Microlearning reflects how consumers interact with Web content. Microlearning content comprises short, focused segments of targeted video.

So, the spectacular growth of microlearning as a method of design of online content is really not so much of a surprise.

At the MicroLearning Institute, our research with accounting students also confirmed that knowledge transfer is significantly improved if students are given access to well-designed micro-content.

So, maybe it’s not such a surprise that microlearning is the “next big thing” in online training!!

What’s different about Microlearning?

The Microlearning Institute is different because it provides proven classroom materials in micro-content format. Our research has shown that this approach makes learning transfer more effective. So you learn more in less time.

Who is it for?

If you think classroom based training is too time-consuming or too expensive, and if you have access to good broadband connections, then the Microlearning Institute is perfect for you.

Our research shows that learners who possess a high level of self-discipline, and who like a structured approach, do very well on our courses.

What is included in each course?

The Full Course covers the entire syllabus in full video lectures with lots of illustrations. Past paper questions are covered. To maximize learning transfer, all materials are presented in micro-learning format.

How do I use the course?

Set up a free account and confirm your email address via the link sent. Pay the fee for the course and you will have immediate access to ALL the course materials.

Can I download the lectures to my computer?

Unfortunately this is strictly against our terms and conditions.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

We see the MicroLearning Institute website as a replacement for a textbook. We cover the whole syllabus and do lots of examples which you can watch again and again if you need to.

WE also produce our own eBooks to support your online learning.

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